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Season 3As SNL's Stefon might put it, Season 3 had everything -- memorable unique designs, big personality clashes, major controversies, and a few heroes and villains of note.Jeffrey Sebelia ended up winning, even though he fought with Angela's mother, his "everyday woman" client (leading her to cry) and was accused (but cleared) of cheating in the finale.It brought out the worst of the show without really giving the designers a chance to be truly creative and show their individual talents to the audience. Swatch (the dog at the NYC Mood), the heart of the show, wasn't there and things just weren't the same in L. There weren't too many standout moments this year, other than eventual winner Irina Shabayeva getting the nickname "Meana Irina" even though she wasn't even that mean... Season 9The 2011 season had a tough start when we had to watch the 20 designers pitch themselves to the panel to earn one of the 16 spots. But it was really frustrating that so much of this season focused on Anya Ayoung-Chee having no sewing experience and not even knowing how to make a sleeve.It was frustrating, and even though the season gave us a strong winner in Michelle Lesniak, a good winner can't save a troubled season. She still won the whole season, despite doing a very basic (but still very Anya) collection that belied all the usual construction/improvement criticism.

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who proceeded to make a final collection out of human hair.

His final collection was strong, but so were the very different but still impressive pieces all season from Laura Bennett, Mychael Knight, and the perpetually robbed Uli Herzner. They could do anything and we'd be here for it.) Keith Michael was disqualified for rule violations, including having pattern-making books, but, overall, this season is still more memorable for the good things -- like the fan favorite designers and the strong fashions -- than the controversies.2. Season 2 of "Project Runway" is hands-down the funniest and one of the most entertaining seasons of any reality TV show ever.

Even someone who doesn't care about fashion would get a kick out of Santino Rice's Tim Gunn impression (Where's Andrae?

Any one of them could've won and been one of the strongest winners ever. You had to just be in awe of the artistry, especially in the candy challenge, the avant-garde challenge, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art visit.

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In the end, PR created a superstar in 21-year-old Christian, who made that ridiculously amazing finale collection from his tiny apartment. It's still crazy that Jillian's Twizzler dress didn't even win anything.Season 1If Season 1 hadn't been so strong, "Project Runway" would've been one-and-done and our lives would've been the lesser for it.