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03-Oct-2017 12:37

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This form will provide you with easy access to the necessary information should you need to notify your card issuer.

It will also prove useful if you need to file a police report or an insurance claim.

If the information provided is too confusing to sort out, call your card company and ask someone to explain it to you. If you have a balance of £1,000 and your interest rate is 22 per cent, it would take you 12 years to pay off your debt if you made only the minimum payments.

During that time, you'd pay a huge amount of interest, more than doubling your original debt.

Points are redeemable for cash back, merchandise, or travel.

The Money Advice Service has a list of trustworthy places to go for help.That way, you will only use your credit card for emergencies. Since the money comes straight out of your bank account, it may make you think twice before you spend.Credit card interest rates can range from as low as nought per cent for introductory offers, to as high as 30 per cent or more.You wouldn't keep your cash in five separate bank accounts. Keep one card in your purse - the one with the lowest interest rate - and cut up the others.

Use this one card to keep better track of your spending.Optional Voluntary Payment Protection: Enrollment forms are available.

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