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27-Oct-2017 22:46

Here, you better be ready or you will get eaten alive.

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That’s just coming out the gate in any business in any country. add to that the fact that many people who come to the Philippines to either retire or semi-retire have never run a successful business in their home country.

So why do so many expats get the idea to start a business here, only to learn this lesson the hard way? After finding a wonderful young Filipina wife and having a few kids.. He’s got plenty coming in from his social security, retirement or pension funds and has lots and lots of time on his hands to enjoy his family and home life. He looks around and sees so much opportunity here in the Philippines. One rule for instance is that if you make a certain amount of revenue in the previous year, but then the following year..

He sees that many people here are running a small business with no formal education and on a shoe-string budget. And the path for starting a business here is fairly straightforward. business is not so good; well the BIR likes the higher amount you first got taxed on and if you make less this year the only way you’re going to pay a lesser tax is if you go through a process to request for an Audit.

I won’t go into all the details of what changed my mind but suffice it to say that for the last three decades I’ve been a full-fledged believer in owning your own business. But I do believe that the challenges and rewards make it a noble pursuit to make a mark in the free market exchanging goods or services for a net profit. I still believe that for most people, starting a business here is not a good idea.

For one thing, running a business in any country is full of challenges.A Filipina friend of mine ran a Sari-Sari store from her home and had to watch inventory like a hawk down to each last bottle of rum and bag of rice.